Investors and Property Owners

  • Property Condition Assessment

    Property Condition Assessment is typically conducted prior to purchasing a real estate property. In many cases, it is required by lenders as a condition for financing the transaction. The goal of this assessment is to provide a general overview of the condition of the property, its structure(s), systems and site components. It also provides a general estimate of the major expenses that should be expected within the short and mid-terms.
  • Environmental Site Assessment

    Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are divided into two major parts: Phase 1 and Phase 2. A Phase 1 is limited to a visual, non-destructive inspection and a review of the property's background information to determine the probability that the site is contaminated. The Phase 2 ESA is an intrusive on-site assessment to confirm or deny the concerns raised in the Phase 1 ESA. For financing purposes, an environmental assessment based on the CSA standards (CSA Z768-01 and CSA-Z769-00) are generally sufficient.
  • Thermal Imaging

    Is your building well insulated? Are there issues with heat loss due to aging windows that is expressed in high utility bills? A thermal imaging diagnostic of the building exterior will identify these issues and help you focus on the repairing specific areas to minimize your costs.