Developers and Construction Contractors

  • Pre and Post-Construction Survey

    Pre and post construction surveys are generally precaution means to avoid conflicts with properties adjacent to a construction site, when the construction work may potentially damage the adjacent properties. The goal of these surveys is to document the adjacent properties' conditions before and after the construction work, in order to determine if any alleged damage is because of this work. In some municipalities, such as in the City of Toronto, these surveys are mandatory when demolishing a building or excavating the ground while using equipment or method that can impact the neighbouring properties.
  • Environmental Site Assessment

    Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are divided into two major parts: Phase 1 and Phase 2. A Phase 1 is limited to a visual, non-destructive inspection and a review of the property's background information to determine the probability that the site is contaminated. The Phase 2 ESA is an intrusive on-site assessment to confirm or deny the concerns raised in the Phase 1 ESA. For developing purposes, which sometimes require a change in the property's zoning, the environmental assessment should meet the O. Reg. 153/04 and 511/09 requirements. These reports are typically more extensive than the regular CSA-based environmental assessments, and therefore are more expensive.
  • Record of Site Condition (RSC)

    Filing a Record of Site Condition with the Ministry of the Environment is required when the use or the zoning of a property is being changed into a different and potentially sensitive use (e.g. from an auto repair garage into residential). The filing process requires prior environmental assessment of the site; starting at Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, but often requires a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment as well.