Designated Substance Survey

Asbestos Survey – Lead Survey

Ben Engineering provides Designated Substance Surveys to meet The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) and Ontario Regulation 490/09. Under these regulations, designated substances must be removed and handled in a specific manner for the protection and the safety of workers and occupants of a building. Such studies may be necessary prior to construction, renovation and repair projects. The service is commonly required by property owners, contractors and property managers.

The assessment includes the following substances:

  • Acrylonitrile - O. Reg. 835
  • Arsenic - O. Reg. 836
  • Asbestos - O. Reg. 278
  • Benzene -O. Reg. 839
  • Coke Oven Emissions - O. Reg. 840
  • Ethylene Oxide -O. Reg. 841
  • Isocyanates - O. Reg. 842
  • Lead - O. Reg. 843
  • Mercury - O. Reg. 844
  • Silica -O. Reg. 845
  • Vinyl Chloride - O. Reg. 846

A typical Designated Substances Survey would consist of a site inspection, collection of bulk samples and submittal for laboratory analysis.

Further services in relation to designated substances offered by Ben Engineering include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Studies in relation to designated substances
  • Construction Site Monitoring and post-construction sampling
  • Coordination of abatement of designated substances with a specialized contractor